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Health and social care

Carecall connects your clients to our highly trained team in our 24-hour telemonitoring centre, so they know that help and support is there when they need it. 

Out of all our recent calls, only 11% ended up in a situation where the ambulance needed to be called because the person needed medical assistance. Without services such as Carecall, it is anticipated that the majority of these falls would have been dealt with by North West Ambulance Service; with a greater chance of harm to the fallen person - as raising the alarm can be much more difficult with no pendant alarm service, meaning more time spent on the floor awaiting help. In turn, this would be likely to increase hospital admittance rates.

We can support a wide range of people who you are likely to be working with, including those who are:

  • at increased risk of falling
  • at risk of admission / re-admission to hospital
  • returning home from hospital or intermediate care
  • living with dementia
  • living with long term illnesses, such as epilepsy
  • in need of support, reassurance and assistance to maintain their independence

Patient referral

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Page last reviewed 22/01/2021