Epilepsy is a common condition where sudden bursts of electrical activity in the brain cause seizures or fits. There are lots of possible symptoms of epileptic seizures, including uncontrollable shaking or losing awareness of things around you. The main treatment for epilepsy is medicine to help prevent seizures.

It's often not clear what causes epilepsy. Sometimes it runs in families or it is caused by damage to the brain from trauma such as a severe head injury. Some types last for a limited time, but for many people, epilepsy can be a life-long condition

How Carecall can help

Carecall offers various Epilepsy Sensors which can be used to monitor people with epilepsy whether they are awake, or asleep in bed.

These sensors are able to differentiate normal movements from epileptic seizures enabling tonic clonic seizures to be detected the moment they occur, generating an emergency alarm call to our 24/7 monitoring centre (or to carers on site if requested).

The technology help carers respond quickly when needed and avoids disturbing a person's sleep when they are not. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted to best suit the person's requirements and a full assessment is undertaken with the individual, to determine the best assistive technology package for them.

Bed Sensors are suitable for use with children as well as adults - contact us today on 0161 218 1655 to discuss how we can help you live well with epilepsy.