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Our monitoring and response falls services are only available for Stockport residents, see our online shop for more details. We have options depending on whether you have a landline or not in your home. For residents outside Stockport, please see the Carecall service for outside Stockport.

  • Carecall monitoring and falls response service

    £10.00 per week
    • 24 hour alarm monitoring, provided 365 days a year
    • Connect via a SIM card for those without a landline
    • Auto low battery monitoring and alerts

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key safe

Key safe

At Carecall, we highly recommend a key safe as part of your telecare package. This metal box can be fixed onto the outside of your property, and can be accessed by family members, the emergency services, carers and the Carecall Team with a secure passcode - chosen by you!
£25.00 (Set up fee)
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Carecall pendant on arm

Carecall pendant (additional user)

Do you need an additional pendant for another person in the same household? If so, an extra pendant can be added to either package.
£3.00 per week
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