Carecall was involved in a trial to use GPS Tracking devices to support customers when they are outside of the home. This trial was in conjunction with Stockport Adult Social Care and saw positive results. 

Customers of different ages were helped by the device; from a young person living with a learning disability to an older person who is suffering with dementia. 

Case study

An 89-year-old lady was living with Alzheimer's, which was affecting her ability to go out alone.  

She had recently had several occasions where she had been unable to get home - either getting on the wrong bus or not remembering where she needed to get back to. It was the recommendation of carers and professionals who supported her, that the next steps could be residential care. However, both the lady and her family were reluctant for her to lose her independence at that time. 

The lady was issued with a GPS device which was attached to her keys - as she never left home without them. Her carers and family took responsibility for keeping the device charged and the lady felt reassured that there was a back-up - should she get lost. 

The device itself is very easy to use and there is a two-way stream so the person using it can press the SOS button to call for help - or the device itself can be ‘called’ and you can communicate with the person carrying the device. This is because there is a SIM card built into it. 

In this case, the lady was able to use the device to support her away from the home and whenever there was a concern she was lost, Carecall staff were able to log onto the GPS portal and locate her - allowing family and carers to meet her and help her home. 

It allowed this lady to stay out of residential care for a further six months - which retained her independence for longer and also saved money being spent on residential care. 

GPS Trackers are provided upon a referral from Adult Social Care. For more information, please contact the Carecall Team on 0161 218 1655.