The Carecall Monitoring Service with pendant is the perfect product for someone at risk of falls at home. This service includes monitoring 24/7 and is available across the UK.

With the Carecall personal alarm, if you fall or become unwell, you can call for help simply at the push of a button!

The pendant can be worn around the neck, or on your wrist, and connects to our Stockport-based Carecall Alarm Receiving Centre.

This service offers you and your loved ones peace of mind that help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The Carecall Monitoring Service includes:
  • 24 hour alarm monitoring, provided 365 days a year
  • Connects via a SIM card
  • The Carecall pendant is suitable for anyone living alone, who may need to raise an alarm to request assistance in the home or in the garden*.
  • Auto low battery monitoring and alerts.
*Dependant on range
Prices exclude VAT

£6.00 per week

Setup fee


Live outside Stockport and interested in our service?

To find out more and enquire about our services for residents outside Stockport see the Carecall Service for outside Stockport page.

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fall detector

Fall detector

Designed to enable people to live a full and active life whilst reassuring their family and carers that they are safe. A fall detector pendant may be recommended instead of a standard pendant, but only in specific cases where it is necessary.
£0.00 per week
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Carecall pendant on arm

Carecall pendant (additional user)

Do you need an additional pendant for another person in the same household? If so, an extra pendant can be added to either package.
£3.00 per week
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key safe

Key safe

At Carecall, we highly recommend a key safe as part of your telecare package. This metal box can be fixed onto the outside of your property, and can be accessed by family members, the emergency services, carers and the Carecall Team with a secure passcode - chosen by you!
£25.00 (Set up fee)
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bed sensor

Bed sensor

Our bed sensor can be set up to detect a fall, by sensing absence from bed during set times and by raising the alarm if there is no return to bed within a set timeframe. This is helpful when a person is normally in bed most of the night, but may be at risk of falls when using the bathroom or getting up for short amounts of time during the night.
£0.00 per week
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chair sensor

Chair sensor

The chair sensor provides an early warning by alerting us that the user has left their chair and not returned within a pre-set time period, indicating a possible fall.
£0.00 per week
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smoke detector

Smoke detector

Our smoke detectors will automatically sound an alarm in your home and send an alert to our Carecall alarm response centre if it detects smoke.
£0.00 per week
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door sensor

Door sensor

The door sensor is ideal for somebody who may become confused or lost if they were to leave their home without support.
£0.00 per week
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GPS tracker

GPS tracker

Whether you are at home, at the shops or just simply out and about … our GPS tracker can give you independence and peace of mind that help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
£6.00 per week
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