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older man fallen over

What to do after a fall


Whilst Carecall will always undertake a thorough falls assessment with you before we attempt to help you up, the team cannot provide you with medical assistance like a GP or paramedic could. Sometimes, the medication you take, or symptoms you can suffer after a fall, will need further review by a medical professional. 

Therefore, after a fall, we recommend you: 

  • Ring your GP and request a medical review within 24 hours of the fall if you are on any type of blood thinner (e.g. warfarin or other anti-coagulant medication). This is regardless of whether you think you have injured yourself or not. 
  • Refer to any clinical information you have been given from your GP about any type of medication you take. Check whether a fall or bump requires you to take action, such as seeking medical treatment or review. 
  • Check for signs of bruising or marks during the first 72 hours and report anything unusual to your GP. You may need to use a mirror to check areas you can't easily see, but remember not to over-stretch yourself. 
  • Always seek medical assistance if you feel any pain, sickness or dizziness after a fall. You can press your pendant and ask us to organise this, if you need help. 
  • Stay hydrated and well rested until you feel back to your normal self again. 

If at any point you need our help, just press your pendant and tell us what you need.