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Carecall Umo

Introducing UMO


Carecall staff with Carecall loves UMO sign

At Carecall, we strive to provide the best possible care and support for our customers. That's why we are thrilled to announce the launch of UMO, our innovative new telecare system, set to revolutionise the way we deliver our services as part of the UK Digital Switchover.

UMO is not just another telecare system; it's a comprehensive solution designed to enhance safety, increase confidence in our services, and offer a more tailored approach to care for you. With its advanced features and seamless integration with a wide variety of Technology Enabled Care devices, UMO is poised to become the ideal solution for 24/7 monitoring centres.

The consequences of accidents like falls at home can be severe, especially for those who may not have the ability to raise the alarm afterward. UMO addresses this issue head-on by providing immediate contact and assistance at the press of a button on an alarm device. This means that help is always just a moment away, providing invaluable peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

But UMO goes beyond emergency response. It allows us to offer you a more nuanced and personalised service by connecting a diverse range of alarm devices and smart sensors. These devices can detect various scenarios such as falls, inactivity, smoke, or wandering behaviour, providing us with valuable insights into our clients' well-being and enabling us to respond more effectively to their needs.

We rolled out UMO earlier this week and are happy to chat if you have any questions. Please be aware that this system change will not affect your Carecall service.