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Carecall Equipment Testing At Openreach2 06.09

Visit to Openreach Digital Services Test Lab


The Openreach Digital Services Test Lab was set up to provide an environment which emulates some of the conditions found when an analogue line moves to a digital line. This enables telecare providers like Carecall to test its equipment. 

The Carecall team were able to test the existing alarm base units, which were originally designed for analogue phone, on digital phone lines. 

The Carecall team managed to carry out over 130 calls to the Carecall Alarm Receiving Centre with good results. This means that we can reassure you that when you are moved over to a digital line, your existing Carecall equipment will still work as expected.  

We are asking customers to contact the Carecall team when they are moved over to digital phones by their telephone provider (for example, BT, Virgin etc) so that the team can test your equipment is still working as it should. 

The team are currently looking at some new digital devices, so watch this space for more on this! 

If you have any questions about the move to digital phone lines, please visit our digital switchover pages.