A stroke happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off, killing brain cells. Damage to the brain can affect how the body works. It can also change how you think and feel. The effects of a stroke depend on where it takes place in the brain, and how big the damaged area is.

Certain medical conditions and lifestyle factors can speed up the process and increase your risk of having a stroke.

All strokes are different. For some people the effects may be relatively minor and may not last long. Others may be left with more serious, long-term, problems that make them dependent on other people.

How Carecall can help

The use of Assistive Technology alongside a 24/7/365 Falls Response Service will give you or your loved one complete peace of mind that help is on hand, should they need emergency assistance.

Strokes can cause people to struggle with their balance and/or feel dizzy, increasing the chance of falls and causing people to lose confidence.

Carecall can offer a range of solutions to help with this:

  • Our 24/7/365 Falls Response Service can support someone if they fall at home, but are not injured
  • An easy-press cover or ‘big button’ can be provided, to help you raise the alarm in an emergency, even if you’ve experienced physical weakness in your hands as a result of a stroke
  • A Falls Detector pendant can be offered to anyone who may not be able to raise the alarm themselves, using a standards pendant. This type of pendant will auto-trigger if it detects a fall
  • Bed Sensors and/or Chair Occupancy Sensors can be used for people who are able to self-mobilise between the chair and bed, who may be at an increased risk of falls. The detectors can automatically trigger an alarm call if a person does not return to their expected position during set times. For example, if they self-mobilise to the toilet during the night, but don’t get back into bed after 10 minutes, an alarm call can be generated. In each case, a trained installer will assess the most appropriate settings, based on a person’s routine, and the devices can be programmed to only activate in certain scenarios

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