Carecall pendant in hands

Don't forget to test your pendant

Please press your pendant once a month to test that it is working.

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older woman looking out of window

Top tips for saving on your energy costs

With the cost of living creeping up, we wanted to share these quick tips for saving on your energy c…

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Image of the front cover of the Carecall newsletter with the word 'newsletter' on there

The latest Carecall newsletter is out now!

Find out all the latest news and information from Carecall by reading the latest issue of the newsle…

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Carecall employee with equipment

Day in the life of a Carecall Responder

Every day is different in the life of a Carecall responder. We went out with a member of our team to…

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older woman getting support

Hear what a Social Worker had to say about Carecall

We received some amazing feedback about our service from a Social Worker, which we just had to share…

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older man fallen over

What to do after a fall

Customers often tell us that having a fall in the home can leave them feeling a little shook up, mea…

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woman tripping over a carpet

Preventing falls at home

As we get older the likelihood of falling and becoming unsteady on our feet increases. This can be d…

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Carecall Equipment Testing At Openreach2 06.09

Visit to Openreach Digital Services Test Lab

The Carecall team visited the Openreach Digital Services Test Lab in London to test analogue equipme…

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