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How to convince someone you care for to wear a medical alert device


As caregivers, ensuring the wellbeing of someone you care for is paramount. Medical alert devices like our fall detector offer a crucial layer of security and provide independence and peace of mind. Yet, we've found that many of the people who would benefit from monitoring and falls response resist using these devices. They fear a loss of self-reliance or feeling stigmatised. With Carecall, this isn't the case. Here's some advice on how you can gently encourage the person you care for to embrace the life-enhancing telecare technology.


Starting the conversation

Initiating the discussion about telecare and medical alert devices can be daunting. Choose a calm moment when you both are relaxed. Use compassionate language such as 'I've noticed you're having more trouble with your mobility' or 'Help me understand why you aren't interested in a medical alert device'.


Addressing common concerns

  1. Stigma — Many older adults worry that a medical alert device would highlight their vulnerability. Reassure them that these devices are common and helpful, much like a fitness tracker that many people wear to monitor their health.
  2. Hassle — With their use-friendly features and long battery lives, medical alert devices minimise hassle. Plus, the wearer can choose a pendant to be worn on the wrist or around the neck, whichever they prefer.
  3. Appearance — Our telecare pendants come in sleek, fashionable options. If the person you care for is concerned about the appearance of the device, let us know. We are happy to show you alternative options that blend seamlessly with other jewellery.
  4. Cost — Financial concerns can be significant. The cost of our service can be paid conveniently through Direct Debit. For up-to-date costs and payment options, get in touch with our team.

Highlighting the benefits

  1. Peace of mind — The Carecall service offers peace of mind for you and the wearer. It's not just a safety tool. You can think of it like an insurance policy — rarely used, but invaluable when needed.
  2. Increased freedom — Emphasise that the device promotes independence. Whether the wearer lives independently or in a care facility, we can provide quick responses in the event of a fall, often arriving on the scene faster than ambulances can.
  3. Help at the push of a button — With Carecall, the person you care for will never be alone. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We are available on Bank Holidays and Christmas, too. 

We know there are a number of options and things to consider when deciding which support is right for you. Browse our shop or give us a ring if you'd like to discuss the options in greater detail.

Convincing someone you care for to wear a medical alert device can be challenging, but remember that these devices are available to enhance their safety and independence, providing reassurance and peace of mind.